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Child Health Coordinator

Head Start – Juneau, Alaska
Department Head Start
Employment Type Full Time
Minimum Experience Experienced
Compensation $27.04-$34.48


Child Health Coordinator


Job Class: Coordinator
Class Status: Active
Department: Head Start                                       
Type of Position: Non-Exempt
Location of Work: Juneau, AK
Covered Position: Yes
Salary Grade(s): 10/11
Prepared by: A. Frommherz/J. Wise 
Hours of Work: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Approved by: 
Employment Category: Regular Full–Time  10 months/year
Effective Date: 


We are seeking a Child Health Coordinator who is responsible for ensuring our program adheres to the Head Start Act, Head Start Program Performance Standards, and state and local requirements regarding the health, safety, and dental services for young children ages three to five years old.  The Child Health Coordinator develops, implements, coordinates and evaluates services and methods for both staff and families in providing the overall health approach in the program. This position works within an interdisciplinary team setting with other Head Start staff, using case-management protocols that integrate service areas, to address identified concerns for children.  


Reports to:   Head Start Director
Liaison to:  Federal, state, regional, and local health, nutritional and environmental health agencies.


In collaboration with the Head Start management team, coordinates and monitors services so that children and their families are aware of and actively engaging in preventative and primary health, safety, and/or dental services upon, and throughout, enrollment. 

Determine if each child has an ongoing source of continuous accessible health care, if not, assists families to establish access. 

Review, evaluate, and interpret all health/dental records

Identify and track referrals made for health, food allergies, pending immunizations, and/or other concerns identified on the medical/dental records.

Ensure that all 45-day and 90-day timelines have been met. 

Follow up with families and/or doctors to ensure that all services have been provided to every child in accordance with all regulations. 

Attends home visits as needed for health related concerns.

Ensure Health & Safety reports are completed, reviewed, evaluated, and recorded (such as monthly center-initiated and annual SEARHC-conducted environmental health inspections). 

Develops, trains, implements and evaluates child health tracking system that records referrals and follow-ups for child health and nutrition services. 

Regularly monitor and review the electronic data systems reports for trends, program compliance, and/or training needs for families or staff.

Track the number of incidents and accidents of children in the classroom and determine the trends and patterns. 

In collaboration with the Head Start director, support the program in the health services component by developing, implementing and evaluating written policies and procedures for the area of health and nutrition services.

In collaboration with CACFP Coordinator and registered-dietitian and the health-services consultants, ensure all nutrition and health policies and procedures are aligned with best practices with correlating timelines.

Produces monthly reports on the status of services provided. 

Maintains vital statistics and other data affecting health services. 

Participates in agency's annual Program Information Report (PIR) process. 

Conducts Quarterly Health and Safety Reviews using Health and Safety Monitoring Tool and determines trends and patterns.

Complete and submit immunizations report to the state in a timely manner. 

Participate in local/regional health fairs throughout the year.

Support and participate in the planning of the Health Services Advisory Meetings and School Readiness Advisory Committee meetings on a quarterly basis.

Participates in leadership meetings with the Head Start director, when needed. 

Develops scope of work for relevant standard service contracts and monitor the provisions of such services, when needed.

Initiates and establishes working relationships with local providers.

Establish/renew and maintain collaborative MOA/MOUs with local/regional agencies grounded in child health, oral health, and nutritional services, when needed.

Develop a broad community-based network of child development and health partnerships that foster applications to the program. 

Orders Health and Nutrition Office Supplies 

Develops and updates the list of local health related resources and defines procedures for effective use of these resources. 

Organizes and schedule training sessions for Head Start staff and teachers on health and nutrition topics determined by HSPPS, community assessment, self-assessment, and/or trends.

Assist Head Start director in identifying and applying grants to expand and/or improve program health services.

Other duties as assigned.


Spending Authority: N/A
Other Authority: N/A


Knowledge of, and ability to stay current with, Head Start Performance Standards, regulations/compliance requirements related early childhood health and safety with ability to provide timely updates on program procedures. 

Knowledge and familiarity with Southeast Alaska communities and cultures.

Ability to have a working knowledge of recent research and developments in health and nutrition fields as they pertain to early childhood development.

Knowledge of public health programs and other resources and the availability of such programs in the community. 

Knowledge of general business practices such as supervisory practices, administrative basics, and risk management. 

Ability to work independently and within a team environment.

Ability to exercise professional judgment in evaluating before making decisions. 

Ability to communicate, both oral and written, to individuals or a large group; bilingual skills are helpful. 

Ability to recognize problems in the area of, health, nutrition and/or child safety.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS (education, experience, and skills)

Must be at least 18 years of age.

Bachelor degree in related health field or a health services credential with a minimum of three (3) to five (5) years of providing basic health-related services to children and families.

Valid Alaska Driver’s License with good driving record and reliable personal transportation.

Skilled in the operation and maintenance of basic instruments and equipment used in patient care (e.g. items commonly found in a first aid kit). 

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS (education, experience, skills)

RN/BSN with community or pediatric experience. 


The majority of work is performed in a professional office setting and is generally sedentary, requiring routine walking, standing, bending, and carrying of items weighing less than 40 lbs.  

Occasional in classroom setting requiring kneeling, bending at waist and neck, and sitting on floor also frequent getting up and down from seat to assist children on bus and in classroom.

Must be able to assist children into seats on the bus and the ability to carry or drag a child weighing up to 50 lbs. in an emergency situation out of a bus to a safe area.

Travel on small aircraft or ferry may be required. 

Must provide a TB screening and basic physical exam within thirty (30) days of hire with follow-up every two (2) years at employee’s expense.

Must apply developmentally appropriate practices for young children in a classroom, playground and bus settings.


All employment at Tlingit & Haida is “at will”.  This means that the employee or Tlingit & Haida may terminate employment at any time and for any reason.  Unless specified in writing, no term of employment is expressed or implied for this position.

Tlingit & Haida is a no tolerance workplace.  All regular employees may be required to pass a pre-employment and subsequent random drug and alcohol screening to be eligible for and maintain employment.

Tlingit & Haida requires a criminal background check be conducted on all employees.  All employment offers are conditional until federal criminal background check results verify your eligibility to work for Tlingit & Haida.

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