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Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska

Juvenile Healing to Wellness Court Coordinator

Tribal Courts – Juneau, Alaska
Department Tribal Courts
Employment Type Full Time
Minimum Experience Experienced
Compensation $52,727 - $67,238

Juvenile Healing to Wellness Court Coordinator 


Job Class: Coordinator
Class Status: Active
Department: Tribal Court 
Type of Position: Exempt
Location of Work: Juneau, AK
Covered Position: Yes
Salary Grade(s): G- 10-11
Prepared by: D. O’Gara/J. Wise
Hours of Work: M – F, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Approved by: 
Employment Category: Regular, Full-Time
Effective Date: 8.1.2018


Incumbent will facilitate planning, development and implementation for the Juvenile Healing to Wellness Court program through the Central Council Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (Tlingit & Haida) Court system.   In conjunction with Court staff, the Juvenile Healing to Wellness Court Coordinator is responsible for forming, coordinating, and staffing a multi-disciplinary advisory team, drafting program policy and procedures to screen and determine eligibility of participants, and produce deliverables required by the grant and funder (Department of Justice) in a timely fashion.


Reports To: Presiding Judge or Court Administrator 
Supervises: N/A 
Liaison To: Community Partners, Advisory Team, Tribal programs, and Tribal Court 


Work collaboratively with the Healing to Wellness multi-disciplinary advisory team and Court staff in the development of programing for services for at risk youth who are struggling with drug or alcohol issues and facing criminal sanctions

Monitor and provide professional level oversight and case management for the juveniles referred to the Healing to Wellness Court, including monitoring for compliance with Court orders, setting up services and activities with individuals, agencies and support groups

Prepare status reports for youth admitted to the Healing to Wellness Court

Organize, attend and facilitate case staffing meetings conducted prior to review hearings and participate in the review hearings 

Develop community resources for youth and their families and attend participate in relevant conferences, meetings and committees as needed, and work closely with the Healing to Wellness Advisory team

Responsible for overall program coordination which includes budget review, preparation of technical reports, reporting on outcomes, and ensuring program accountability to adhere to requirements of grant(s)

Work with youth and their families to assist with referrals as appropriate  

Represent the Tribal Court at meetings with School officials, the State of Alaska Court System, Office of Children Services, State and local agencies, other Tlingit & Haida programs and Tribal Court hearings/sessions 

Coordinate with and assist local governments, agencies and Tribal organizations and communities, under the supervision of the Presiding Judge and/or the Court Administrator, in the expansion of the Tribal Court system to better serve the needs of at risk youth and their families

Duties may require work beyond normal Court hours including evening and weekend hours as needed.

Other duties as assigned


Spending Authority: N/A
Other Authority: N/A


Extensive working knowledge of both State and Tribal criminal justice systems, especially the laws and policies that effect Juveniles

Extensive working knowledge and/or experience with youth who are experiencing alcohol or substance abuse issues

Cultural sensitivity to Alaska Natives in general and Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian Indians in particular, together with knowledge of their histories and traditions

Knowledge and experience in a State or Tribal Judicial system, and extensive knowledge about jurisdiction, Tribal sovereignty and local, state and tribal governments

Knowledge of resources that can be called upon for assistance in the fields of Youth offenders, at risk youth, education, health services, alcoholism, mental health, childhood trauma, FASD and restorative justice trends

Ability to develop and write clear reports, both technical and non-technical

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS (education, experience, skills)

Associates Degree

Three years of experience in the juvenile justice field

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS (education, experience, skills)

Bachelor’s Degree in criminal justice, social work or related field

One year of specialized related experience


The majority of work is performed in a professional office setting and is generally sedentary, requiring routine walking, standing, bending, and carrying of items weighing less than 40 lbs.  Travel on small aircraft or ferry may be required.


All employment at Tlingit & Haida is “at will”.  This means that the employee or Tlingit & Haida may terminate employment at any time and for any reason. Unless specified in writing, no term of employment is expressed or implied for this position.

Tlingit & Haida is a no tolerance workplace.  All regular employees may be required to pass a pre-employment and subsequent random drug and alcohol screening to be eligible for and maintain employment.

Tlingit & Haida requires a criminal background check be conducted on all employees. All employment offers are conditional until federal criminal background check results verify your eligibility to work for Tlingit & Haida.

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  • Location
    Juneau, Alaska
  • Department
    Tribal Courts
  • Employment Type
    Full Time
  • Minimum Experience
  • Compensation
    $52,727 - $67,238
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